Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Intersections in the Science Fiction Universe.

Speculations about a commonality.

First draft: 2002.

Babylon 5 Star Trek Commonality
Commander Jeffrey Sinclair Commander Benjamin Sisko (with son Jake Sisko). Commander J.S.
A veteran of the battle of the line. A veteran of the battle at Wolf 359 Both commanders are veterans in a recent battle/war.
Female first officer Susan Ivanova Female first officer Kira Nerys First officer: Female. Very strong character
Centauri Empire occupied Narn The Cardassian Empire occupied Bajor One world occupied another in the past.
A Jumpgate to other parts of the Galaxy A wormhole between the Alpha and the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy A device that connects two separate places in the universe.
Security chief Michael Garibaldi Security chief Michael Eddington A security chief named Michael
Lyta Leeta Attractive women with similar names
A changeling net to alter ones appearance Changelings, shape shifters Device/gift to alter the appearance
Carolyn Sikes, female freighter captain. Love interest of the lead character. Cassidy Yates, female freighter captain. Love interest of the lead character Female freighter captain. Love interest of the lead character
G'Kar hates Centauri Kira hates Cardassians One of the lead characters hates a world that once occupied their own
Destiny of Sinclair Destiny of Sisko Both have destinies that seem to be set in stone.
A leader named Dukhat (of Minbar) A Cardassian leader named Gul Dukat Characters in leading positions, both named similar.
Catch phrase: 'Hello old Friend' Catch phrase: 'Hello old man' Both phrases uttered by the leading character.
Sinclair asked old friend Garibaldi for that post. Sisko asked old friend Dax for that post. The lead character asked an old friend for the post on the station.
The First Ones The Prophets and the Pah Wraiths Older races, very powerful still influence things.
Cryptic Vorlon Cryptic Prophets Powerful beings, always talking in a cryptic manner
Home guard? Essentialist movement? Maybe
Mystical elements (such as the 'soul orbs' The orbs of the prophets Elements that seem more mystical than scientific
Vorlons vs. Shadows Prophets vs. Pah Wraiths A war between old and powerful opponents
Unresolved issues between Susan Ivanova and her dying father Unresolved issues between Kira Nerys and her dead father The strong female second in command has certain unresolved issues with her father
The command staff is being questioned by a higher authority to investigate the commander The commander is being investigated for his actions during 'Trials and Tribble-ations' Higher authorities are questioning the lead character's actions.
Discovery of the Great Machine Discovery of The Celestial Temple A unknown alien device of great power is discovered
Minbari religion Bajoran religion Two important cultures with specific deep spiritual sides.
Babylon 4 gets transported through time and space Time travel happenings in general. Time travel happenings in general.
The One The Sisko A lead character is being named in an unusual manner
Zathras Rom Short guy is a technical genius and under appreciated.
Political plots. Assassination of the president Coup attempt in Starfleet. Dark machinations to manipulate the highest levels of government.
Minbari souls born in humans. Humans are of Minbari. We / you are of Bajor. Revelations towards origins of lead characters of sorts.
Invisible monster in 'The Long Dark' Odo turns into a monster Unknown things 'that go bump in the night'
Freedom movement on Mars The Maquis A resistance movement
Bureau 13 Section 31 A secret government agency. Very dubious.
Political intrigues on Centauri Political intrigues on Cardessia. A (former) aggressor is still up to no good.
Experiments done on Sheridan Experiments performed on crew Enterprise D Lead characters are used in experiments
Londo gets shunned by his friends for his actions Quark gets shunned for his association with gun dealers A popular guy does bad things and gets shunned by his friends
The Vorlon Ship Tin man Organic spacecraft
Babearlon 5 (stuffed animal) Captain Picard Doll Leading characters are embarrassed by (Childs) toys.
A life form tries to get home (Knives) A life form tries to get home (Lonely Among Us). A life form performs 'evil' acts in order to get home.
Centaury opera Klingon opera Warrior cultures with a musical (opera) side.
Baseball Baseball Both commanders have a love for baseball
Commander gets replaced by Captain John Sheridan Commander gets promoted to Captaincy A movement to a higher rank
Confessions and Lamentations The Quickening A decease wiped out an entire race. With on 'The Quickening' hope for the young.
Ivanova loved Talia Dax meets a former lover Lesbian suggestion.
The Centauri retake Narn The Cardassians retake DS9/Terok Nor. And have the ambition to retake Bajor A former conqueror returns to retake lost territory.
Non-aggression pact between Centauri and Earth Non-aggression pact between the Dominion and the Romulans An aggressive power makes peace with one other power to have their hand free.
Mines around Zagras 7 Mines around wormhole (and several other places) Mines in space to isolate or protect
Sheridan gets the White star in season 3. Sisko gets the Defiant in season 3. The lead character gets a new super ship.
Bomber terrorist on the lose. Assassin early on in Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Bajoran fundamentalist). Political murder plots.
Humans receiving symbiots Trill, creatures from 'Conspiracy' Symbiotic life forms. Some benevolent, others not.
Babylon 5 breaks away Star Trek Insurrection The lead characters openly defy a higher authority.
Altered telepaths with cybernetic Shadow technology. The Borg. People are enhanced against their will to serve others.
'War Without End' Time travel in Star Trek Time travel themes in both shows.
A part of Kosh is in Sheridan Spock's Katra is in McCoy. (Part) of an alien 'soul' inside a lead character.
The return of Sheridan after his death. The return of Sisko, after Jadzia' s death. The lead character returns after a tragic event.
Sheridan gives orders knowingly sending people to their deaths,and manipulates others to join the alliance Sisko commits crimes to manipulate the Romulans into the war. The lead character gets his hands dirty in order to do what is necessary.
Shadows appear as familiar people. The Wormhole beings appear as familiar people Power beings show themselves in the form of familiar people.
Garibaldi commits treason Eddington commits treason and joins The Maquis. The security chief named Michael betrays the lead character.
Delenn confronts her past. Kira confronts her mother's past. Power female leads face ugly things that were done in the past.
Friendship between Doctor Franklin and Marcus Friendship between Doctor Bashir and chief O'Brien. Friendship between the doctor and a more down to Earth type of character
Marcus wanting Susan Ivanova Bashir wanting Jadzia, and Odo wanting Kira A male lead character loves a female character that does not love in return.
Commander (Captain) Susan Ivanova is replaced by Captain Elizabeth Lochley Jadzia Dax dies and is replaced by Ezri Dax A beautiful female lead is replaced by another equally beautiful female lead.
'A view from the Gallery' 'The Lower Decks', Miles O'Brien. A look at personal of a lower rank / repair men.
The Drakh fill the place of the Shadows The Breen fill the place of the Cardassians At the end a new enemy replaces an old one.
The Fall of Centauri Prime The Fall of Cardessia A powerful empire relives a glorious past, only to be defeated in the end.
In the end everybody goes his or her own way. In the end everybody goes his or her own way. In the end everybody goes his or her own way.
Soul hunter containers The receptacles of Sargon's people Globes with 'souls'