This is the story of two sisters.

Thoughts on the relationship between Star Trek and Babylon 5.

Originally posted through Deja on August 19 of the year 2000 in the newsgroup alt.startrek.vs.babylon5.

In my latest posting to the 'ST: TOS vs. B5'thing, I suggested that ST and B5 were like daughters to 'Forbidden Planet'. They are like sisters.
I started to compare the chronologies and found that they are quit similar! The following is based upon the works of Michael and Denise Okuda (based on their, mostly, canon based Star Trek Chronology), and the Babylon 5 chronology as it was printed in B5 magazine, compiled by Terry Jones and introduced by Fiona Avery.


World War III:

ST: 2053

B5: 2084

Conclusion: Both universes are crazy. I sure hope in our own universe this will not happen!


The formation of a world government:

ST: 2113 (A United World Government is formed, but without Australia, that country joins in 2150!!!)

B5: 2085 (the formation of the Earth Alliance).

Conclusion: Babylon 5 beats Star Trek by between 28 and 65 years!!


Mars Colony:

ST: 2103

B5: First bases in 2101 and a full colony in 2155.

Conclusion: Close enough to be almost a tie. Unless you only want to compare full colonies in which case Star Trek wins. Maybe.


FTL drives:

ST: 2063 (Warp, invented on Earth, by an Earth man).

B5: 2161 (Jump gate technology, acquired from the Centaury).

Conclusion: Star Trek beats Babylon 5 by almost a century. Yes Cochrane was assisted by 24th century Enterprise crew personnel, but he was the one that came up with the drive.


First Contact:

ST: 2063 (officially that is of course! Luckily it was with the Vulcans).

B5: 2156 (probably. The Centaury make contact with Earth, and of course make fools of themselves claiming Earth is their long lost colony Beta 9).

Conclusion: I personally prefer first contact with the Vulcans, since they are a lot more honest. On the other hand: The Centaury are probably better at throwing parties:-).


First great interstellar conflict:

ST: 2158/2160 (The Earth/Romulan war).

B5: 2230/2232 (The Earth/Dilgar war).

Conclusion: Both are won.


The forming of interstellar alliances and stuff:

ST: 2161 (The formation of the United Federation of Planets).

B5: 2261 (The formation of the Inter Stellar Alliance).

Conclusion: Star Trek beats Babylon 5 by a century. But, then again: What is a century on a cosmic scale? Nothing!


Final conclusion: The similarities between Star Trek and Babylon 5 are far greater than the differences. One might even argue that, looking at them from a distance, Babylon 5 might be considered as a prequel to Star Trek: At the ending of Babylon 5 (s4) there is the formation of the ISA. It is a major goal of the key players in the B5 universe. In Star Trek the UFP has been established as a hallmark of civilization. Or take a look at the fleets belonging to both bodies: In Star Trek the UFP has Starfleet and in Babylon 5 the ISA has the White Starfleet!!!

Star Trek and Babylon 5 ARE like sisters!

Doctor Zeppo Dunsel
(Wouter Valentijn)

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