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Stargate SG1 meets Star Trek: The Original Series: Part 5.

Between a rock and a hard place.

Several seconds after Kirk, Spock, McCoy and SG-1 arrived on the Enterprise the ship shook violently. Kirk and Samantha, who had shared a position on the platform hung on to each other to maintain their balance.
When she looked at him with a sense of concern he gently let go of her and said: "That's this planet for you; it's in the middle of some kind of temporal storm. Ships get hit with ripples in time quite frequently."
O'Neill looked around in the transporterroom and said: "Nice and cosy. A lot more pleasant than those Goa'uld transport rings. So how big is this vessel?"
Kirk smiled and said: "It has a length of 305 meters, a beam of 140 meters and its 75 meters high. Under optimal subspace conditions we can relatively travel tens of thousands of light years in just a few hours. Or one parsec per second. We have a crew of 430 and in its heydays she was the top of the line."
Scotty, who had beamed them up personally, grunted and said: "It still is! Give me an original Constitution class any day!"
Kirk grinned and said to the members of SG-1: "May a present you my personal Miracle Worker, Captain of Engineering Montgomery Scott. Scotty, these people are our guests. They are from an Earth with an alternate past. Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, Doctor Jackson and Teal'c. They belong to a secret department of the United States Air force of their time and universe."
After some shaking of hands Doctor Jackson asked: "Constitution Class? I was under the impression it was called 'Starship Class'?"
Scott smiled and said: "Ah, laddie, at one time it was! It was a name reserved for every Starship that was the best of its time! But a couple of decades ago some admirals decided otherwise. First it was a contest between Starship class starships Constellation and Constitution, but since the Constitution had a more advanced refit they decided on 'Constitution'." Scott's smile grew wider and said: "Of course when the previous Enterprise underwent a more radical refit, a subclass 'Enterprise Class' was given to her. Sadly that isn't used often."
Kirk chuckled: "As you can see, our Scotty is most passionate about the ship."
To his engineer he said: "Scotty, can we persuade you to give our new found friends a tour of the ship?"
"Aye, that you can sir!" The Scotsman said proudly. "She's of course not as great as our original Starship, but she's close enough. This way!"

After the grand tour, and dropping of McCoy in sick bay, they arrived on the bridge. After receiving thanks from the members of SG-1, Scotty left for engineering.
Kirk sighed when he looked around the bridge. So many new faces. A lot of his original crew had moved on in their lives. Some of them even had their own ship. Like his old helmsman Sulu.
Spock had moved on to his usual place at the library computer console and scanned the planet they were orbiting.
With a slight grunted 'Yes' he stood erect and said: "Just as I thought Jim. There is a multi phasic fissure in subspace directly above the location of the Guardian. Somehow it is responsible for the wormhole between our universe and the one of SG-1."
"May I see?" Sam Carter asked. After a nod from Kirk, Spock stepped aside and allowed the young Captain to observe the readings herself.
"Captain Spock, this is fantastic!" Samantha exclaimed. She blushed slightly: "Sorry about that outburst. And for calling you Captain." Jim Kirk smiled: "Mister Spock has the rank of Captain, Captain Carter. Only currently he hasn't got a Starship of his own. And, as for that outburst... Our own Mister Spock just had one himself when he pronounced the word 'yes' in that manner." Spock's eyebrows arched. "Captain, I did not have an outburst!"
Teal'c nodded. "Indeed. I would not call it an outburst either. It is more a calling of attention to an urgent matter."
Jack O'Neill smirked. "They just sound like brothers separated at birth."
More seriously he asked: "This fissure out there... How long will it last? Do we need to worry about it closing before we can get back? Because if we don't..."
He didn't finish his sentence. They all knew what the consequences would be.

Before anyone could answer the helmsman had an emotional outburst: "Captain, the fissure is expanding and..."
The Enterprise shuddered lightly.
"Spock!" Kirk didn't need to speak out the command.
Spock checked his instruments and declared: "We are now inside the multi phasic fissure, or rather beyond it. We are now... nowhere... Much like the space the USS Defiant was pulled through decades ago."
Kirk shuddered when he thought back to that incident.
O'Neill said grimly: "How do we get out of here?"
Spock shook his head: "The fissure is gone colonel. We would need to recreate it and I do not believe we can do that with our current means. Additionally it would require the energy of an explosion the equivalent of our own warp engines overloading. The resulting matter - anti-matter annihilation might be sufficient to recreate the fissure, provided we can direct that energy in a manner that would benefit our need."
O'Neill raise his hands in disbelieve. He yelled: "Carter?"
Samantha Carter, who looked rather pale now, said: "Mister Spock means that at the moment we are stuck here."
Navigator Chekov called out: "And ve're not alone keptin. An alien wessel is here too." He gulped and added: "There are several wessels out there keptin!"
O Neill shook his head: "So, more ships were sucked in here. But they were nowhere near us. Where did they come from?"
Samantha and Spock looked at each other quizingly. Finally Spock said: "Other universes. Other times. We need more information on these ships."
Kirk leaned back in the centre seat. "On screen Mister Kennedy."
The helmsman said: "Aye, aye captain" and complied.
On the forward view screen an entire fleet appeared of ships of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some of them only a couple of dozen meters in diameter, others were hundreds of kilometers in size.
"Quite a collection. I think I saw some of them in sci fi movies" O'Neill quipped. His humor deteriorated when he saw a couple of pyramid shaped ships. "Goa'uld..."
Spock pointed to a large sphere in the middle. "It's the Death Star Jim." Kirk swallowed hard. They had seen it before and had heard what it could do.
Commander Uhura said: "Captain, we are receiving several hails."
"Let's hear the first one commander."
With a 'yes sir' the communications officer replied.
After some white noise a male voice declared: "This is Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the cargo ship 'Serenity'. What the hell is going on here?"
Kirk smiled briefly. Captain Reynolds had voiced what he himself was thinking. "Next one, commander Uhura."
Another human voice: "I am lord Baltar and I demand your surrender. You will all be subjugated to the Cylon Empire and... Not now Lucifer! What do you mean a Battlestar approaching?" Kirk gestured to Uhura to switch of the sound. This seemed a really annoying man. And somehow the voice reminded him of the Klingon commander called Kor.
Uhura sighed and put a third one on the speakers: "This is Lieutenant Kara Thrace of the Battlestar Galactica. I'm with Reynolds and I think you are the ones that know more about this. Being in the middle of this gathering and all."
Kirk stood up. "Commander, which ship?" Uhura checked her instruments. "A small personal fighter captain. It was launched from the ship that Baltar person called a 'Battlestar'."
Colonel O'Neill smiled slightly: "Sounds like an interesting woman." Kirk also smiled: "I think your right Jack."
To Uhura: "Commander, what else is there?" The communications officer shook her head: "Just some call signs sir. There are ships out there with names like 'Moya', 'Liberator' and 'White Star'. They seem to be unwilling to share any more information."
Kirk pondered the situation for a moment. "Spock, I don't think it's any use to bring some of them on board, how interesting that may be."
Spock nodded: "Agreed Jim, They seem to as much in the dark..."
Uhura interrupted him: "Captain! I'm receiving one more hail directed at us. It has a visual component and its origin is a very large starship one AU from our position."
"On screen Mister Kennedy."
"Aye, aye sir," the helmsman complied.
The image of large Starship shaped like a sphere changed and Kirk saw a human male appear on screen.
Appearing very confident the man said: "I'm Perry Rhodan, Grand Administrator of the Solar Empire on board the Marco Polo, and you, Enterprise, seem to be the centre of whatever we're in now."
"Commander Uhura, please open hailing frequencies. Direct it to all vessels present."
When all channels were open Kirk cleared his throat and said: "I'm Captain James T. Kirk of the United Space Ship Enterprise, representing the United Federation of Planets. Some of you seem to believe that we are responsible for the situation we all seem to be in. I can assure you that this is not the case."

A loud and booming voice that seemed to come out of nowhere interrupted him: "Now, now James, do not jump to conclusions just yet. You have everything to do with it!"
Kirk felt his blood turn to ice water. He recognized that voice! It was the voice of a man he thought dead decades ago. A man he had killed personally. A man that once was his best friend. "Gary?" Kirk asked to the air.
A moment later Gary Mitchell materialized on the bridge of the Enterprise.
He looked scarier than ever. An evil grin distorted his face.
"Hello James, after you pitiful attempt to murder me I needed some time to recover, but now I'm back and more powerful than ever. I saw the fissure and decided to take advantage of it. I thought you needed to meet some others before I decide upon your ultimate fate. And those others in turn can learn a valuable lesson from what happens to you old friend."
Colonel O'Neill stepped forward and asked: "Okay, so I guess you know each other?"
Kirk nodded. "Yes. This man, or whatever he's become, is Gary Mitchell. He once was my navigator and my best friend. But one day something terrible happened to him. He was granted god-like powers and subsequently they corrupted him."
"I know the feeling Captain Kirk" O'Neill sighed.
Gary's grin widened as he moved closer to Kirk: "I have made my decision James. I shall..."
He was rudely interrupted by a sudden increase in bridge population.
Out of nowhere several powerful beings popped up. Some of them Kirk recognized.
One was Trelane who looked at him with an expression of dread and fear. Behind him stood a man wearing some type of futuristic Starfleet Admirals uniform, looking incredibly smug. On the other side of the bridge two dark skinned men appeared. One was the being Kirk had met during a vision that called himself 'Emissary of the Prophets', the other one was the enigmatic William Gunn. Behind them a strange old man grinned at him.
On the view screen the man that had identified himself as Perry Rhodan jumped up and shouted: "It!"
Daniel Jackson nervously quipped: "Cousin?"
Kirk looked back at Gary, not knowing what to expect. Fear? Triumph?
Kirk felt a hand on his shoulder and when he looked behind him he took back one step. Another familiar face: Charles Evans. A little older now, but a lot more mature.
The young man smiled and said: "Hello captain Kirk. It's nice to see you again. Again, I'm sorry about what happened back then."
Kirk wondered who would be next.
A giant fire bird appeared next. The Great Bird of the Galaxy?
The flaming creature suddenly collapsed into the form of a beautiful red headed woman. Her green eyes seemed to devour him.
Daniel Jackson cocked his head and murmured: "That bird... Like some kind of Phoenix..."
The seductive lady gave him a brief smile and turned her attention to Kirk.

Gary's grin disappeared from his face. In a serious tone he said: "As I have said James; I've made my decision. Over the years my power has grown and I've had time to ponder what has transpired on that planet and between us. I have called upon these beings from our universe and others to bear witness to this event."
Kirk asked: "Why Gary? And why all those ships out there?"
Gary grinned again: "REVENCHE James!"

He stretched out his arms and with a flash of light he engulfed all super beings present. When he pulled back the light they were gone...
Gary started to glow from the inside and he seemed to burst with energy.
With an even louder voice Gary shouted: "Those beings that might have stopped me I now have absorbed inside of me, and through them I have become one with their universes, including our own. Yes, there is nothing out there now." With another flash of light Gary disappeared from the bridge of the Enterprise.
Kirk shouted to the ceiling: "Gary, stop this!"
Outside the ship a huge ball of energy appeared. It started to transmit its thoughts directly to those on board.
After consulting his instruments Spock said: "Energy readings off the scale."
Chekov, who had been monitoring the strange collection of ships out there, said: "Keptin, alien wessels are moving. Some of them are maneuvering away, others, such as the Death Star and the pyramid ships seem to adopt a more aggressive pose."
"Commander Chekov is right," Spock said: "Apparently they think we pose a threat, or..."
Kirk finished his sentence: "Or they think that if they get rid of us Gary Mitchell will let them go... I don't think they realize Gary won't let any of them go."
Inside their heads Gary Mitchell spoke again: "Correct James. No one will leave this place alive. I will see to that. Only they don't know that. They will be the instrument of your destruction. Their remains will be absorbed inside of me where they will join the universes of their origin." He laughed softly and added: "And should you find a way out of this execution, I will destroy you myself."
Colonel O'Neill threw up his hands: "Okay, I've had enough of this guy. Kirk, I don't care if he was an old friend of yours or not, but this..."
Kirk nodded solemnly. "Agreed."
To Spock he said: "Any ideas Spock?"
Samantha shivered. "Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard plate. On one hand we have a mad god like being with the desire to destroy us; on the other we have a small fleet of aggressive ships, each one larger than the Enterprise."
Daniel shook his head: "I don't envy us."
Spock looked at Kirk and said: "Maybe its time to take up gambling again Jim. Do you remember?"
Jim made a half smile: "I've used that trick several times already. Would these guys fall for it? Never mind Spock..."
To Uhura he said: "Uhura, open a channel to the ships that are moving in on us."
After she had complied without comment Kirk cleared his throat and said: "This is the captain of the Enterprise. Since the early years of space exploration, Earth vessels have had incorporated into them a substance known as Corbomite. It is a material and a device which prevents attack on us. If any destructive energy touches our vessel, a reverse reaction of equal strength is created, destroying the attacker!"
Kennedy, who knew his classics, smiled broadly. "Captain, the ships are moving off. It seems they don't want to risk executing us."
O'Neill whistled. "These guys actually fall for that? Amazing!" Daniel Jackson shrugged. "I would have believed it." Samantha nodded: "Me too. Corbomite sounds as plausible as Naquadah."

Again they heard Mitchell's voice: "Damn you James! Now I will have to inform them about your lies. I will risk..." As if he realized he was about to give away vital information Gary clammed up.
On screen the bridge crew and SG-1 saw most ships move even further away from the Enterprise. Most notably the Death Star.
Only two ships remained. Two pyramid shaped vessels. They just hung there at a distance of ten thousand kilometers.
Colonel O'Neill sighed: "Ah, don't you know it. Trust the Goa'uld not to be trusting."

Suddenly the Enterprise shook severely and they heard Gary scream in their heads. "No! Not fair, you now are part of me! Me! Me! Me! Me!" His voice suddenly stopped.
On the view screen the huge ball of energy exploded and its components disappeared into several fissures in the space they were currently in. Behind the fissures they could see glimpses of the stars again. All that Gary had swallowed up had escaped him now and had returned to its origins. Gary himself seemed gone completely.
Most alien ships had gone as well. Apparently the super beings of their universes had taken them to their own home continuums.
Only the Enterprise and the two Goa'uld vessels got left behind.

On the bridge of the Enterprise William Gunn appeared again. Or so it seamed. He somehow looked different. Jack O'Neill frowned and asked: "Gunn?" The man nodded with a grin and said: "This is better than being trapped inside that Mitchell guy. By the way, I'm indeed not William Gunn, but a grandson of his. My name is Walter. Within the Mitchell entity an amalgam universe was formed in which there were several, err, crossover liaisons between several people that originally belonged to the universes it was made up of. My granddad William met a beautiful girl in there named Erica Richards. They fell in love, married and they got a son called Wesley. And Wesley himself became my father after marrying a woman named Catherine." Walt Gunn grinned again and added: "It is so nice to see some of my other 'grandparents' again. I am proud to be your descendant."
James Kirk shook his head and frowned: "Who?" Walt Gunn winked at him: "You and Samantha Carter, Captain Kirk." Kirk blushed slightly and realised Gunn had not spoken out loud. It had been a direct telepathic message. He tried to avoid staring at Samantha Carter. When he finally looked at her he noticed she was slightly blushing as well.
Walter Gunn again smiled and said: "I have to go now. I have business elsewhere. Goodbye!" In a flash he was gone.
O'Neill let out a sigh. "Damn.He might have gotten us out of this mess."

Before he could lament any further Uhura spoke out: "Captain, the lead Goa'uld vessel is hailing us. Audio only."
Kirk said: "Let's hear it Commander."
A pompous voice said: "I am your god. You will surrender to me! You will deliver me this Corbomite. You have one minute to comply."
Daniel remarked: "That's unusually generous of them... They must buy into this story captain Kirk told."
Kirk thought for a moment and said: "Open a channel Commander."
To the 'god' on board the Goa'uld vessel he said: "This is captain Kirk of the Enterprise. We recognize that you have a legitimate claim here and we will transfer a sample using our matter-transmitting device. Prepare to receive the Corbomite in ten minutes." To Uhura: "Commander, close that channel."
The Goa'uld didn't answer. Apparently he was satisfied.
Spock, cautiously, asked: "Captain?"
Kirk turned to him and said: "I have spoken at length about the Goa'uld with SG-1 Spock. We can't allow our ship to fall into their hands. It would greatly disturb the balance of power in their universe."
He pressed a button on his chair and said: "Scotty, do you remember the gift we prepared for the cloud vampire? Prepare one and beam it over to the lead ship of the Goa'uld."
Scott answered: "Aye, captain. As a matter of fact I already have taken the liberty to create several of those gifts. I had a feeling you might be needing one or two."
Spock consulted his instruments: "Jim, the other ship has not lowered its shields. It is unclear whether the explosion of the first ship will be sufficient to..."
Kirk waved away his objections. "We'll cross that bridge later."
To Scotty he said: "Monitor my conversation Scotty."
To Uhura: "Uhura..."
Uhura opened the channel to the Goa'uld again.
"This is captain Kirk of the Enterprise. You will be receiving the Corbomite... Now!"
Moments later a small container arrived on the lead Goa'uld vessel. Two seconds later it exploded into a huge fireball that almost even enveloped the Enterprise herself.
Carter hugged herself. "Wow! That explosion must have been augmented with Naquadah."
Kirk turned to Spock: "Spock, the second ship?"
"Gone captain. Also destroyed in the explosion."
Colonel O'Neill smiled and said: "Sweet!"
Kirk grinned and commented: "I knew you would appreciate it."
"Captain!" the helmsman cried out. "The stars are back. The explosion must have been so powerful that we were thrown back into our own universe."
Chekov added: "And ve're still near the Time Planet keptin!"
O'Neill, still in a good mood, said: "Well, captain, like I said 'it's been sweet'. Time for us to go now, I think."
Spock shook his head: "The fissure's gone colonel. I'm afraid there's no way to connect to your universe and time through the Guardian. After all it was the fissure that accommodated that...." His eye fell on the readouts on his library console. "One moment please..."
Stunned he looked up and said: "I was in error! I assumed the fissure to be gone, but it is back! My apologies."
O'Neill shook his head. "No apologies needed Spock. To err is human."
Spock almost wanted to say he was insulted but decided to keep that to himself.

Fifteen minutes later Kirk, Spock and McCoy accompanied the members of SG-1 to the surface of the Time Planet.
"So, this is goodbye SG-1" Kirk spoke softly. "It has been really interesting these couple of days. I want to thank you again for aiding us in delivering Khan back to the place and time he belonged."
Jack blushed a little: "And you captain for showing us around on that beautiful ship of yours. And kicking some Goa'uld ass in the process."
Spock nodded towards Teal'c and remarked: "I found that conversations with you were remarkably efficient." Teal'c did not answer verbally, but in stead just bowed his head taking the compliment in stride.
McCoy spoke with Samantha Carter: "You know, I wish some of our science officers were as charming as you." Daniel Jackson grinned and said: "Somehow I got the impression that the final words here would be between Sam and captain Kirk."
Samantha grinned also and said: "Why words?"
She turned to Kirk and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their goodbye was non verbally and lasted a minute in a passionate lip lock.

Seconds later the valiant members of SG-1 stepped through the portal and headed home.

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